Different indoor potted plants
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Combat Household Mold With An Easy-To-Grow Indoor Tree
Indoor plants add natural beauty to a space and also have health benefits such as improving air quality. The popular dragon tree is a potted purifier that also fights mold.
Household mold affects everyday health and spreads when spores intermingle with moisture on a surface. This moisture may be caused by humidity, an air conditioner, or leaks.
Organizations like NASA have studied air-purifying plants and found the dragon tree especially excels at removing benzene, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals from the air.
Additionally, dragon trees can reduce the relative humidity of a room and prevent mold growth. A well-placed plant can thrive in humid conditions and improve the air quality.
The leaves of this drought-resistant plant have adapted to absorb moisture hanging in the air. By drying out the space, the dragon tree reduces the likelihood of mold growth.