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Confirmat Screws Have Some Major Benefits For Your Cabinets
A confirmat screw is a wide-shanked screw with coarse threads that work like a cross between a dowel and a screw. Most longer confirmats have a thick shoulder and a narrow head.
The shoulder helps hold the material in position. Confirmats’ ends are blunt, and its heads are usually either 3mm hex or Pozidriv, for which you use a Phillips head screwdriver.
Confirmat screws are specially designed for butt joints in melamine, chipboard, and MDF, lending holding power to these materials since they don’t hold onto screw threads well.
The longer confirmats are used for assembling cabinets, while the shorter ones (often fully threaded and without the shoulder) are used for cabinet hinges and drawer slides.
They’re mostly used with concealed European-style hinges, but they can be used with any cabinet hinge. They often thread directly into pre-drilled blind holes used for shelf pins.