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Consider These Indoor Plant Options If You Have A Small Space
Golden Pothos
Outside, the golden pothos only thrives in tropical regions, but indoors, it makes for a good houseplant. Plant it in a hanging basket so the vines can cascade down.
ZZ Plant
The ZZ plant is a hardy, beginner-friendly houseplant appreciated for its ability to grow in low lighting. It is a good choice for apartments that receive little sun.
Snake Plant
Not only is the snake plant tolerant of small spaces, it's incredibly easy to grow. Simply set this plant on a window sill and water when the soil is dry.
Spider Plant
The spider plant has a bushy appearance with full-arched leaves that spread wide and trail down. Hang one where it'll receive indirect light, and it will thrive.
There are multiple species of Dieffenbachia, several of which make fine houseplants. Place this plant where it will receive partial sun and keep it away from pets.