Professionally built-in display case in living room
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Convert IKEA’s Billy Bookcase Into A Display Case With This TikTok Hack
Instantly elevate your living space by adapting some IKEA Billy bookcases into a deluxe display case for a fraction of the cost of a professionally built-in one.
You’ll need two IKEA 79-inch Billy bookcases and four Oxberg doors. You can also get a trim that suits your style, such as some simple wooden moldings available from Amazon.
First, assemble your Billy bookcases and attach the Oxberg doors to them, then place them where you want your display case to be, whether in a hallway, a kitchen, or an office.
For a bigger space, you can stack multiple bookcases, and add extra shelves. Finally, glue the trim you've chosen over the gaps between the cabinets for a more finished look.
Customize your display cabinet further by painting it to match your space, adding IKEA glass or solid doors, applying wallpaper, attaching ornate handles, or installing LED lights.