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Create A Beautiful Side Table With TikTok's IKEA File Organizer DIY
With this easy, budget-friendly hack from TikTok creator @noracontetout, you can create your own trendy yet functional side table from two IKEA Knuff magazine files.
The table can store books, magazines, or phones, conveniently hiding the charger cords through the openings at the back. It can also be used in your lounge or entryway.
You’ll need an IKEA Knuff file set, a cardboard tube, super glue, plastic clamps, a drill, a wood or fiberboard slab, a saw, a mini-saw, wood sticks, paint, and interior filler.
First, glue together the two IKEA file organizers and clamp them until fully dry. Measure on the cardboard tube how high you want your tabletop to be and then saw off the excess.
Next, trace a circle with the tube onto the wood slab and saw out the shape. Cut strips from the wood board and glue them and the wood sticks all around the tube as decoration.
Finally, glue the wood circle to the tabletop underside, let it dry, then glue the tube on. Fill in the seam on the tabletop with wood filler, then sand and paint your table.
You can customize your side table further by attaching LED strip lights to the back or in the nooks, adding mini storage baskets in the nooks, or changing the shape of the base.