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Create A DIY Floating Desk With This Clever Ikea Hack
YouTuber Ali Malik shared an affordable way of building your own minimalist-inspired floating desk using a countertop from IKEA, basic tools, and a few extra hardware store items.
The main items you’ll need are an IKEA SÄLJAN countertop, seven ¾-inch black iron pipes, seven ¾-inch flanges, 14 two-hole straps, and 2-inch and
¾-inch screws.
Most desks are 29-30 inches high, but you can choose a height per your comfort. Then subtract 1 ½ inches to account for the countertop's thickness and mark the height on the wall.
Malik uses a laser level to keep his marks straight across the wall, but you can also use a straightedge. Find the studs along this line, and mark where your flanges will go.
Pre-drill your holes and screw the flanges into the wall, checking the level as you work. Screw in the pipes once the flanges are installed and set your countertop down on top.
Leave some space from the wall if you plan to run cables. Once satisfied with everything, use your two-hole straps to connect the pipes to the countertop with the shorter screws.