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Create A Luxe Look With These Sophisticated Kitchen Paint Colors
Repainting your kitchen is a great way to revamp the space on a budget. To create a luxurious vibe, look to warm neutrals, rich earth tones, and monochrome color combinations.
Warm, earthy neutrals, like brown, cream, ivory, greige, and terracotta, work best if paired with natural wood elements that feature golden or reddish undertones to make them pop.
Rich emerald or navy shades that echo the natural world are a great way to pull focus and create a centerpiece for your kitchen. Pair with a muted neutral color for that luxe feel.
Monochrome kitchens have long been a mark of wealth, with white particularly exuding luxury. Or, if your kitchen is big and bright enough, paint it all black for a decadent look.
Mix and match colors for a unique, complementary design. White cabinets with dove-gray walls create a light and airy feel, while pewter and black combos present a modern aesthetic.