A country style kitchen hutch displaying floral crockery
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Create A Stunning DIY Kitchen Hutch With TikTok's Clever Ikea Hack
Finding cupboard space for all your dishes and glassware can be tricky, but this hack from TikTok user @valeriajacobs shows how to use Ikea's Havsta cabinets to solve this problem.
The transformation of the cabinets is fairly easy to execute, and you can customize the hutch to complement your decor, which will give your kitchen a chic and classy feel.
If you plan to paint the cabinet, assemble it first, then sand well, and use a primer and paint that is appropriate for Ikea cabinets, as this will ensure a robust, sleek surface.
You might want to add moldings to customize the unit or increase its height. If so, it's best to sand, prime, and paint each piece before gluing and nailing them to the cabinet.
Use caulk to fill any gaps and hide nails, and then add a fresh coat of paint to match your kitchen. Finally, perch the finished hutch on your counter and fill it with dishware.