Assorted cement planters with cacti
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Create A Unique Planter With TikTok's Garden DIY
If you’d like some sturdy cement planters but dislike their steep prices, this easy, budget-friendly TikTok hack demonstrates how to create your own at a fraction of the cost.
You’ll need some square pavers of any size — just be aware that you can’t use DIY cement paver planters to grow edible plants, as concrete leaches harmful chemicals into the soil.
You’ll also need landscape block adhesive designed for pavers, a drill and a masonry drill bit to make drainage holes, a caulking gun to apply the glue, gloves, and eye goggles.
Clean and dry your pavers, then glue four together to create the planter frame. Next, drill four drainage holes in the fifth paver, and glue it to the planter frame as the base.
You can customize your planter by painting it to match your patio decor. Before adding soil and plants to it, check the glue manufacturer’s instructions for the proper curing time.