Close-up of a blue-breasted hummingbird
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Create An Easy DIY Swing
To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Yard
Hummingbirds expend a lot of energy for flying, and they also require a safe spot to rest between feedings, which is why you should make this simple DIY hanging swing.
You will need a 5/16-inch thick dowel rod that’s 7 inches long, some craft wire that’s between 12 and 20 gauge in size, and colorful beads that are red, pink, yellow, or orange.
Take about 24 inches of thick wire and bend it to create the shape of an arch. It's okay if the wire has small indentations in it — you could try to make it straighter if you like.
Attach each end of the wire to an end of the rod, forming the base of your swing. Twist them together near the top, but leave a little room to form a hoop to hang the swing.
Once the base is done, attach your thinner wire by wrapping the end of the wire around the arch of your swing. Add the beads to the wire as you wrap it so that they’re secure.
You can use as many or as few beads as you like. When you finish your swing, hang it up in your garden to turn your yard into a hummingbird haven.