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An Oak Tree With A Plant That Thrives
In Shade
Majestic oak trees don’t like their roots being disturbed or fertilized, or getting too much water in the summertime, so low-maintenance succulents are ideal companions for them.
Oaks and succulents have compatible environmental needs. For example, while oaks have a deep root system, succulents have shallow roots, so they don't compete for water.
Succulents are often seen as full-sun desert plants, but they actually grow well in the dry, shady conditions under an oak tree, and there are lots of varieties to choose from.
While succulents do like the sun, they’re also prone to sunburn, so the partial shade from an oak tree benefits them in summer and may also shield them from cold rain and frost.
Aesthetically, the plump, vibrant leaves of succulents contrast beautifully with the oak tree's rough, bumpy bark, and many succulents also produce dramatic, colorful flowers.
Succulent varieties like the Christmas cactus, Easter cactus, kalanchoe, fox tail agave, devil's backbone, and aloes are better suited to companion growing with an oak tree.
Avoid watering oak trees in summer, as it can lead to fungal growth and root rot. Established succulents also need little water, even in summer, as they’re drought-resistant.
To see how well your chosen succulents will grow in partial shade without disturbing the oak's roots, plant them in containers and leave them under your oak tree for a few weeks.