Rusted old wrench and assorted tools on table
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Create Custom Wall Storage With A Wrench And Scrap Wood
The design of some vintage tools and the patina they’ve acquired from years of faithful service make them charming decor pieces that are ideal as part of wall-mounted coat hooks.
Repurposing old tools allows you to reuse them in innovative ways, hold onto those that have sentimental value, and keep them out of landfills. They also make great gifts.
To create your coat hook, first put on heat-resistant gloves and safety goggles, then lock the wrench in a vise and use a blowtorch to soften the metal enough to bend it.
Bend a long wrench into the shape of a double hook (or a single hook for a smaller one). Use a metal punch and drill bit to add holes in it so you can screw it to some scrap wood.
Use tracing paper or a template to outline a design onto the wood, cut it out with a jig or scroll saw, then screw the wrench into the wood, and mount it on an accessible wall.