Decorative fabric pumpkins in orange plaid
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Create Festive Pumpkin Decor With TikTok's Brilliant Pool Noodle Hack
An ingenious TikTok hack may be the budget-friendly solution to making an array of perfect fabric pumpkins in varied sizes. Even better, they are constructed from pool noodles.
Cut down a pool noodle to the desired height of your pumpkin. For smaller pumpkins, use one length of foam; for more rotund pumpkins, hot glue groupings of equal-length pieces.
Tuck the fabric into the end of the pool noodle or tie it off on top. Glue the wooden piece in the center top to form the stem, then add twine, raffia, or ribbon
for decoration.
TikTok user @averagebutinspired uses
a cozy orange plaid, but you can completely customize the fabric and accents to fit your fall decor perfectly.