A desk that can be repurposed
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Creative Ways To Make A Worn Out Desk The Star Of Your Home
1. A Kitchen Island
Old, sturdy wooden desks (like those used by teachers) offer multiple drawers for storage and a large, rectangular surface for counter space, making them great kitchen islands.
Savannah of The Moore the Merrier Vlogs found an old desk, affixed four legs to it from an old coffee table to raise it to counter height, and added new countertop material.
2. Two Nightstands
If you find a desk with two columns of drawers on either side, you can turn that into two stand-alone pieces of furniture, just like Christina of DIY Thrift Flip Furniture did.
She removed the top of the desk in order to fashion two modern nightstands. After cleaning the wood and adding new MDF bottoms and wood tops, she primed and painted them.
3. TV Stand
A TV stand occupies a space of high visibility, so you want it to offer functionality, storage, and good looks. If you have a worn-out desk, simply add shelves to transform it.
Jamie, a vlogger on Bored or Bananas, added a 1-inch by 6-inch board beneath the drawers and across the opening — and suddenly it looked like cabinetry instead of a desk.
4. A Home Bar
Phillip of Lincoln's Creations and Rentals revamped a solid-wood desk into a home bar by adding height and a new top surface above the old desktop.
To raise the height, he added four casters to the bottom of the desk, attaching one in each corner. He also added four iron pipe fittings to the top to elevate the new desktop.
5. Storage Space
If you have a built-in desk in your kitchen that you don’t use, convert the knee-hole space into storage space, like Vlogger Sara Joy did, and hide baskets or bins.
Joy covered the front of the knee-hole space with a tension rod and curtain, which complemented the colors in both the kitchen cabinetry and the flooring.