Dried flowers in a white antique vase on the window.
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Creative Ways To Turn Old Vases Into Genius Home Storage Solutions
Cotton Balls
Use a vase that aligns with your bathroom’s color scheme to display cotton balls, pads, or swabs. Just make sure the mouth of the vase is wide enough to be functional.
Dog Treats
Containers for dog treats can be expensive, so try using a vase instead. You can cover the top with a glass storage container lid or Amazon’s Silicone Stretch Lids.
Collect Change
Utilize a vase to collect loose change by dropping in any coins left in the bottom of your purse, pockets, or wallet from your transactions throughout the day.
Display Pens
If you have a short vase with an open mouth, you can use it to display pens, highlighters, pencils, or markers while ensuring they are easily accessible on your desk.
Organize Utensils
Opt for a vase to store kitchen utensils like whisk, spatula, and ladle. This will not only look aesthetically appealing but also ensure easy access while cooking.