Dave and Jenny Marrs smiling.
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Dave And Jenny Marrs Swear By This Disguised Garage Door Trick
In Season 2, Episode 7 of “Fixer to Fabulous,” Dave and Jenny Marrs used a fascinating trick to creatively conceal a garage door inside a house they were working on.
They disguised the garage door with skinny, vertical wood slats, and also installed them on the other side of the fireplace the door was taking attention away from, to add symmetry.
You, too, can flank the statement piece with wooden planks. You can install this feature wall along an entire surface or on just a portion of the wall to conceal the door.
First, paint the wall behind the wooden slats black. Then, measure the height and width of your wall and purchase narrow planks, which you can cut, sand, and stain as needed.
Next, arrange the wooden planks how you want them to be installed, cutting the boards around the door so that they can still open and close with ease.
Finally, once the black paint is fully dry, attach the boards with a brad nailer, using a level so that they’re straight and a spacer to keep all the gaps even.