Close-up of mosquito on person's arm
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Deter Mosquitos Naturally With This Fresh Smelling Ground Cover
Plants with strong, aromatic scents have long been proven to deter mosquitos. Of these, creeping lemon thyme can be harvested to create a natural mosquito repellent.
Lemon thyme plants contain citral and thymol, which gives them 62% of DEET’s repellency power. The aromatic oils produced by their leaves disperse in the wind or when touched.
The fragrance that is released into the air is not enough to deter mosquitoes. Instead, crush the plant’s leaves to release the oil and mix it with moisturizer to use on your skin.
Drought-tolerant, creeping lemon thyme can be grown in pots and rock gardens or as ground cover. You can grow them from seeds, propagate from cuttings, or buy established plants.