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Disguise Your Unsightly Litter Box With TikTok's Easy DIY
To avoid the smell and view of your cat’s litter box, create your own enclosure out of a three-drawer plastic weave tower for roughly $25, as TikToker @thelovebeeps demonstrates.
First, cut the bottom portion out of the second drawer, about a ½ inch from the edges. Next, use a Sharpie marker to trace a rectangle on the outer side wall of the same drawer.
Cut along the lines until the side wall is removed — this hole will serve as the entrance to the litter box. Then, open the bottom drawer, pour your litter into it, and close it.
The tower costs about $27 at Walmart and Amazon. For easier litter cleanup, you can use a liner — just be sure your cat fits in the entrance before you start, and be safe cutting.