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Ditch The Heavy Lifting With This Clever Mop Bucket Cleaning Hack
If you find mopping floors taxing due to the heavy lifting involved with a traditional mop bucket, consider a simple yet effective solution: adding caster wheels to the bucket.
This clever hack allows you to glide the heavy bucket effortlessly across the floor, thus reducing physical strain and minimizing the risk of spills and related accidents.
If you're interested in implementing this hack, the PlusRoc self-adhesive caster wheels are a great choice. They're made of steel, feature 1-inch rims, and are available on Amazon.
These wheels are praised for their durability and ease of movement in any direction; one satisfied customer raved about their simple installation and exceptional functionality.
Alternatively, you might consider purchasing a mop bucket already equipped with wheels. For example, the Quickie EZ-Glide 5-gallon bucket on wheels is available at Walmart.