An old ladder leaning against wall
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DIY A Chic Coat Hanger With This Genius Ladder Idea
If you're a fan of reclaimed wood, rustic interiors, vintage kitsch, or simply repurposing old items, you'll love recycling an old straight ladder into a chic coat hanger.
As TikToker @teaandforgetmenots1 shows, the first step is to measure and cut the ladder and to even out the ends so they are equidistant from the end rungs and have flat edges.
Next, sand down all the rough spots so the wood is smooth and not splintered. For the hooks, use steel hanging cup ones, which have a pointed screw end and a stopper plate.
The TikToker decided to paint their hooks black by sticking their points through cardboard to hold them and then spray painting them, but you can buy hooks in your preferred color.
Pre-drill small starter holes into the ladder at a point near each rung, and screw the hooks in all the way to the stopper plates. Then, measure the wall where the rack will go.
Using drywall anchors and screws, hang the ladder horizontally with the hooks coming straight down from the bottom, which creates small shelves in between the rungs.
If you're not a fan of rustic style, you can also stain or paint the ladder so it best matches your decor. Just remember to properly sand it down before starting to paint.