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DIY A Custom Coffee Table With This Budget-Friendly Bargain Block Tip
Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, co-hosts of HGTV’s “Bargain Block,” shared their expertise on how to craft a budget-friendly slatted wood coffee table at a relatively low cost.
Start by selecting a large rectangular piece of wood — Bynum and Thomas recommend a piece that’s at least 36 inches long. This will serve as the top and bottom of your table.
Cut the rectangle from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner to make two identical triangles, and then sand all the edges. Next, gather wood slats for the siding.
You can purchase wooden fence pickets, or find cheaper supplies, like wood pallets, from construction sites. Then, you’ll need to stain all of the wood to your desired color.
After the stain has dried, lay the top and bottom pieces of your table on a flat surface about 18 inches apart. Attach a slat to the large pieces by nailing it on at both ends.
Continue this process all the way around the table, using a spacer between each slat for consistency. Sand the top and bottom with fine grit paper and spray on a clear topcoat.