Citrus garland hanging from wall
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DIY A Holiday Garland With This Idea From HGTV's Lyndsay Lamb
Citrus garland is a time-honored tradition in many cultures' holiday decor. It grants a homemade, rustic feel to any room while also filling the air with a refreshing aroma.
Host of HGTV's "Unsellable Houses," Lyndsay Lamb, recently revealed how she creates citrus garlands that are great for hanging around doorknobs and windows or over mantels.
To recreate Lamb’s garland, dry out orange slices in the oven for four to five hours at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. String them onto twine, yarn, or ribbon with a hole in the center.
Form a loop at the top of the garland and secure it with a wooden bead, stringing the other contents in intervals down the length. Finish the bottom with a wooden bead and tassel.
For garlands that will be displayed horizontally, you can add an additional tassel at the other end. Feel free to experiment with various citrus fruits and other garland ornaments.