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DIY A Stovetop Burner Cover And Watch Your Countertop Space Grow
Compact kitchens often lack sufficient countertop space, and a common way to create extra room is to turn your sink and burner into flat surfaces by covering them with boards.
While stores offer burner cover boards, a cost-effective alternative is a DIY project. You’ll need six 29-inch 1x4 boards, two 22-inch 1x4 boards, wood glue, screws, and felt pads.
Line up the 29-inch boards, place them side by side, and fix the 22-inch boards on both ends with the glue. Then, use 1 ¼ inch wood screws to fasten all of them together.
Choose one side with 22-inch boards as the top, and add handles for easy carrying. Attach the felt pads to the bottom of the board to prevent scratches on the burner.
A simpler method involves converting a cutting board into a burner cover. All you have to do is attach legs made from a dowel rod to the board's bottom using glue and screws.