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DIY Ceiling Bins Are The Perfect Way
To Expand
Your Garage Storage
If you need more storage space but your garage is filled to the brim, make use of your garage ceiling space by building some rails with sliding bins or purchasing a prebuilt set.
YouTuber Home Repair Tutor demonstrates how to make rails from scratch using wood planks, wood glue, lag bolts, washers, an impact driver kit, and some sturdy plastic totes.
Measure your ceiling space, where the rails will go, and how many you’ll need, as well as the dimensions of your bins to ensure they’ll fit onto the rails, then cut your wood.
You’ll need 3 x 4-inch planks for the bottom of the rails, 5-inch planks for the top of the rails, and 2 x 4-inch planks to join the rails. Next, glue and screw the rails together.
To mount the rails to the ceiling, mark the joists and screw the top of the rails onto them with the lag bolts. Slide your bins onto the rails and make sure everything fits well.
Alternatively, take the easier but more expensive prebuilt route as Instagram’s @my_homely_decor did and purchase a ceiling storage system from Home Depot or EZ Garage Storage.