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DIY The Sweetest Valentine's Day Wreath With Dollar Tree Tablecloths
To craft a charming Valentine's Day wreath, you’ll need a heart-shaped metal wreath form, plastic tablecloths — in white, red, and pink — a ribbon, and small, love-themed props.
Cut the folded tablecloth into four even strips and unfold the outer two so you can cut them down the center. You should have six groups of strips about 1 to 2 inches thick.
Fold each bundle in half again and cut them in half horizontally. This will give you strips that are roughly 6 inches long — repeat this for each tablecloth and color.
Shape the strips into leaf-like points by cutting and curving the corners of each strip. Use the trimmed pieces as petals and tie them to the wire in pairs, alternating colors.
Continue tying the petals onto the wire form until the entire wreath is full. Personalize your wreath by tying a ribbon using the same technique or by adding love-themed props.