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DIY Your Own Tool Organizer With These Dollar Store Products
If you want to keep your tools accessible and your workspace tidy, create a rotating craft tool caddy like TikTok creator @DIYHolic's standing double-sided pegboard organizer.
You’ll need four large square pegboard panels, adhesive rinks, an acrylic lazy susan turntable from Amazon, Krazy Glue, double-sided tape, and as many pegboard hooks as you desire.
Use the adhesive rinks to attach the four pegboard panels back-to-back in pairs. Then, stack one double-sided panel on top of the other, and attach them with double-sided tape.
Sand the lazy susan turntable and the bottom edge of the double pegboard, and glue them together. Plug in some pegs to hang your tools, and store bigger tools on
the turntable.
You can adapt the pegboards in a plethora of ways, as they are inexpensive and come with many useful accessories, like loops, jars, wire baskets, cups, rods, and hooks.