Snow and icicles on roof
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Do This With A Jump Rope To Save Your Roof From Snowy Disaster
Leaving huge piles of snow on your roof can risk structural damage or collapse. Instead of paying $300 to $700 for roof snow removal, try this trick using some well-placed rope.
Use a length of rope to form a circle around the snow pile and pull it off the roof. This technique relies on gravity so it works best on steeply-pitched roofs.
You’ll need a trestle ladder, a coil of strong rope that’s longer than the width of your roof twice over, and either another person to help or, if you’re alone, a heavy tool.
While you and a helper stand on each side of the roof, fling one end of the rope over to them. Once they grab it, pull the ends together and toward you until the snow slides off.
If alone, climb onto the roof holding one end of the rope. Tie a heavy tool to the other end, toss it over the gutter, climb down, and pull on both ends of the rope toward you.