A field of sunflowers against bright blue sky
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Do You Need To Replant Your Sunflowers Every Year?
There are two kinds of sunflowers: annuals and perennials. Annual sunflowers complete their entire life cycle — growing, flowering, producing seeds, and dying — in a single season.
While they produce a multitude of seeds that can scatter and potentially reseed for the following season, you still might want to replant them to ensure consistent blooming.
In contrast, perennial sunflowers have a longer lifespan and don’t require annual replanting. They primarily regrow from their root system, although sometimes from seeds as well.
While annuals typically sport a single stem that grows tall and produces a large flower head at the top, perennials often have multiple stems and produce smaller flower heads.
Some varieties of sunflowers may display traits of both types, however, so consulting a gardening expert or a reference guide is recommended for
precise identification.