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Does TikTok's Dryer Lint Hack Really Prevent Ticks?
To keep pesky ticks at bay, TikTok user @livecomposed suggests that users cover their dryer lint in permethrin and put it in a toilet paper tube for an effective solution.
Ticks can be found in the fur of mice that linger around your yard, so after dropping the tubes around outside your home, the insecticide will transfer from the lint onto the mice.
Many people are repulsed by the idea of small rodents scurrying within close proximity to their homes, but the TikTok creator assured others the hack won't increase mice levels.
They also noted how effective the method has been for them personally, but feelings are divided, as there are plenty of supporting interactions under each opposing comment.
The insecticide could negatively impact wildlife, so keep it away from water areas. Dogs, rabbits, and mice can also be negatively impacted if they ingest the substance regularly.