Various succulent plants in handmade pots.
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Don’t Make This Major Mistake When Using Cinnamon On Your Succulents
Propagating succulents is the process of taking cuttings from established plants and ‘rooting’ them to grow new ones. During the process, it’s imperative to keep the cuttings moist.
A clever succulent gardening hack involves wrapping tissue paper around the cutting to retain moisture and using the antimicrobial properties in cinnamon to protect its open wound.
Propagating a stem cutting, where you stick a stem with a few leaves growing from it into the soil so that the roots can grow from the stem, is ideal for this hack.
Simply dip the succulent stem with the freshly cut open wound into your cinnamon powder. Ceylon cinnamon is the best type to use as it is slightly milder than other varieties.
Then, wrap the end in tissue before planting it in the soil, burying the tissue along with it. When you water the soil, the absorbent tissue will soak up moisture.
The plant can take water from the tissue if the soil around it begins to dry out, and eventually, as the roots and plant grow, the tissue will naturally biodegrade into the soil.