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Double Closet Storage Space On A Budget With This Easy Solution
If you have a dated and cramped closet in the corner of your bedroom, then this DIY built-in closet system, as shown by @therenegadehome on TikTok, is here to save you.
You'll need plywood, painter's tape, a tape measure, a saw, an electric drill with screws, a 90-degree ruler, edge banding, white paint, a flange set, and a rod/rail.
First, measure your closet space and decide how tall you want your shelving system to be. Jot down the height and width, and account for any baskets you’ll add in the compartments.
Slice your plywood to size and use your drill and screws to connect it before repeating the same steps for the shelf sections. Cut any extra pieces for a compartment on top.
Next, secure all the interiors in place inside your wardrobe and apply your edge-banding on the rims of your wood, ensuring you take your time so it goes in the correct place.
Add your railing system by securing your flange system in place using your drill and screws before cutting your rod and inserting it. For two rail systems, repeat
this process.
Then, add a coat of paint to the unit, and play around with your design by adding a mirror somewhere or by installing LED strip lights for some great ambient lighting.