Kitchen cabinet stocked with various food items
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Double Your Kitchen Cabinet Space With This Genius TikTok Hack
Kitchen space can be a challenge, and sometimes cabinets don’t have enough shelves. Luckily, TikTok user Fatima Kosar demonstrates how to organize and double up your storage space.
To follow Kosar’s example, purchase Ikea Variera mini-shelves. Then, remove all of your dishes, utensils, or food items from your cabinets, and give the furniture a good wipe-down.
Set up the Ikea shelves the way you want them and replace your dishes. The final product should be a well-organized and clean cabinet with much more space in your kitchen.
Variera shelves at Ikea are just $10 to $17 a pop depending on the size. However, you have to make sure the shelves fit your kitchen cabinet colors and style.