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Easy Tips To Revive Your Aztec Grass After A Winter Freeze
Aztec grass won't be killed off by a mild winter, but care should be taken to ensure the plant isn't damaged when the water inside freezes up during a difficult winter.
While this perennial plant grows anew every season, it may get frostbitten or damaged during the winter. When that happens, you're left with brown spots in your landscape.
Cut the frozen brown ends from Aztec grass right after winter before the plant's new growth kicks in. There's also no need to fertilize the dormant plant until it has been cut.
Winterizing your Aztec grass will help give it a chance to survive the winter — apply gardening mulch to the ground once frozen to act as an insulator to warm the ground.
Adding mulch before the ground freezes may cause the plant to stay active during the winter. Remove the mulch when it starts getting warm to keep fungal diseases from forming.
In areas where blizzards are likely to occur, bring your Aztec grass indoors. It should flourish indoors, needing only four to six hours of sunlight in shady areas.
This drought-tolerant plant only needs to be watered when the soil feels dry to the touch. It's also pest-resistant, so you won't need to worry about pests following it indoors.