Cutting boards on kitchen countertop
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Eliminate Kitchen Clutter With This IKEA Cutting Board Storage Hack
Whether you place cutting boards on a drawer or leave them on the kitchen countertop, they can quickly clutter up your space. To avoid this, use IKEA's magazine organizer.
As shown by TikToker @lovinghhome, IKEA's FAGNING organizer has a neat design with three different slots to hold various-sized cutting boards without looking messy or cluttered.
Not only will it help you save space in your kitchen, but you can also decorate it with Polaroid pictures or food recipes. Made of metal in a light beige color, it costs $12.99.
To neatly store cutting boards, you can also use IKEA's FAGNING wall organizer, priced at $16.99. It offers a similar utility as a magazine organizer but takes up even less space.
Longer than the magazine organizer, the wall organizer can store boards up to 15 inches wide instead of 10 inches. There also are a
few hooks underneath to
hold keys or utensils.