Rusty metal shears
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Eliminate Stubborn Rust With This Common Beverage
From time to time, you may encounter rusty items around your home or apartment. Fortunately, club soda is all you’ll need to break down and banish the reddish-brown substance.
This hack works because club soda is acidic, which allows it to penetrate through rust deposits on items. Plus, its nontoxic nature poses no threat to humans or the environment.
One easy method to apply club soda is by soaking the item. Start by filling a container with club soda, submerging the rusted item, and letting it soak for at least a few hours.
Then, remove the item and easily clean the rust off with a cloth or brush. The soaking allows the club soda to fully penetrate and weaken the rust before washing and rinsing.
For more concentrated rust, scrub the area with club soda. Simply pour some club soda directly onto the rusted surface, letting it soak for a few hours to work its magic.
Then, scrub vigorously and rinse with water when done. Repeat if needed for stubborn rust deposits, making sure to dry the metal when finished to prevent future rusting.