beautiful grey-green curtains hanging from a wood and metal curtain rail with metal rings and set against a green wall with white cornice.
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Emily Henderson Explains The One Curtain Rod Style You Should Avoid
With so many style options to choose from, picking the right curtain rod can feel impossible, but HGTV designer Emily Henderson reveals on her blog as
to which style to avoid.
Henderson says, "Stay away from crazy curly wrought iron [...] and fancy finials are only your friend if the style of your house can handle it." Instead, she says to go simple.
Henderson suggests going with white, black, brass, and silver finishes. Sleek designs are timeless, and a simple curtain rod without fussy details is often
the best choice.
Neutral finishes allow the curtain rod to blend in with any aesthetic and highlight most curtain designs, while still giving you plenty of options to work with.
While your curtain rods should remain simple, consider rods with a decorative ball on the end, or mix metals to create a more visually interesting detail.