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Encourage Stunning Crepe Myrtle Blooms With This Pruning Tip
Crepe myrtles’ colorful varieties suit diverse tastes and spaces. Full sun and well-draining soil are key for optimal performance, but pruning is equally crucial.
Pruning crepe myrtles at the right time, from late winter to very early spring, ensures stunning spring blooms and promotes healthy growth while avoiding winter damage.
Avoid pruning in late fall to prevent stimulating growth when the plant should be preparing for winter dormancy instead of creating new branches that may be too fragile to survive.
In summer, removing spent blooms and trimming branches can encourage further flowering. Avoid heavy pruning during this time, except for the necessary removal of diseased branches.
Over pruning weakens crepe myrtles and makes them susceptible to diseases and pests. Instead, focus on removing crossing branches and promoting airflow to prevent fungal issues.