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Essential Closet Organization IKEA Finds Under $10
That TikTok Swears By
The wrong storage solutions can make organizing a closet difficult. Luckily, TikTok user @miseenplace_au has shared some of her favorite products that can help, all for under $10.
IKEA has several options to help solve any shoe storage problem — for instance, the Murvel shoe organizer costs $1.49 each and allows you to stack your shoes to free up more space.
The Grejig is a foldable, stackable storage option, costing only $4.99 for a rack that can hold three pairs. For storing away seasonal shoes, consider the Pärkla shoe bag.
For clothes and other items, the Skubb series offer options for less than $10, including an under-the-bed storage case for $6.99 or a nine-compartment hanging organizer for $9.99.
Consider also the Jägmästare basket, featuring a soft, protective felt material for $5.99, or opt for the Samla box, a clear plastic storage box that comes with a lid for $6.99.