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Every Homeowner Should Have These Power Tool Accessories In Their Kit
Drill Bits
A power drill is one of the most versatile tools in a homeowner's arsenal, but its utility hinges on the drill bit, which penetrates the material you're drilling.
Different drill bits are designed to make holes of different sizes in different materials, so investing in a complete set lets you tackle any DIY project.
Saw Blades
It's wise to stock up on several blade types for your power saw since the material you're cutting — and the blades you need — will differ depending on your task.
For example, a 50-piece Milwaukee set equips you with 17 blade types of varying tooth-per-inch counts and lengths, while circular saw blade sets typically come with fewer pieces.
Abrasive Discs
To finish DIY projects with your orbital sander, you'll need a variety of discs of different materials and varying grits, which will arm you to tackle any project.
For instance, the abrasive assortment from Rockler is a comprehensive option with over 100 discs ranging between 60 and 220 in grit, all compatible with 5" sanders.
Router Bits
Router bits attach to routers and help core through wood to shape its surface. With a variety of router bits, you can create different shapes in different materials.
The 15-piece router bit set from Home Depot contains options for various tasks, including flush trim, rabbeting, dovetail, and chamfer, and has bits ranging from ¼ to ⅝ of an inch.
Bit Extensions
These help drill in inaccessible places by extending the bits' reach — some prolong the extent of twist or screwdriver drill bits; others can bend to enable drilling.
Having a few rigid and flexible extensions of several lengths should leave you ready to handle most locations. The DeWalt set from Home Depot is a good option.