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Expand The Shoe Storage In Your Closet With This Simple Wood DIY
Organize your shoes in your closet neatly with TikToker @emilyrayna’s affordable DIY shoe rack that’s customized to fit your space like a glove.
Start by upcycling or buying wood slabs, and you’ll also need a wood stain, Minwax polycrylic sealant from Amazon, brackets, screws, a saw, an electric drill, and a tape measure.
Measure your closet and cut two long planks that are the width of your closet and deep enough to fit your shoes for the main racks. Then, cut eight short planks for the side racks.
Use two of the short planks to join the long planks, making double shelves using brackets and screws. Use the remaining short planks to add short racks on each side in a “U” shape.
Stain and seal your shoe rack, slot it into your closet, and stack your footwear. The wraparound design fits the interior snugly, freeing up space in the middle of your closet.