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Expand Your Cabinet Space With This Wood Pallet Storage DIY
When your cabinets are filled to the brim and you need to free up space, this creative wood pallet mug holder will get your dishware out of the cabinet and on display on your wall.
Get a pallet from a furniture or hardware store. A standard pallet is about 4-by-3 feet — cut it to the size you want with a circular saw, leaving at least two or three planks.
Sand it until smooth, then paint or stain it for a finished look, or leave it as is for a rustic vibe. You can also decorate the pallet with fun phrases or designs using stencils.
Next, attach the hooks, then use a stud finder to identify where to hang your display. Mount it securely with at least two 2- to 3-inch nails, and hang your mugs on the hooks.