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For A Better-Looking Finish, Try Skim Coating Your Walls
Skim coating is the application of a very thin coating of plaster or other material over the top of your drywall with the goal of either adding texture or hiding holes and marks.
Applying a layer of skim coating can help bring walls back to their near-original state, and can create an even, smooth surface that’s perfect for repainting walls.
You'll need to apply a very thin layer of joint compound or other skim coating material, allow it to dry, and then sand it down to be level and smooth.
Skim coating can be handy for homes with multiple layers of paint on the walls, or when you add a gloss-like finish since this type of paint allows minor blemishes to stand out.
Using skim coating can also help when switching from dark to light paint by preventing the colors from mixing or the darker paint from showing through.
Applying skim coating can be challenging and time-consuming, but it’s less expensive than replacing drywall, and giving your rooms a like-new look will be worth it.