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Free Up Precious Kitchen Space With This Magnetic Storage Solution
A simple magnetic strip is the best way to store your kitchen knives because it lacks any holes, slots, or fastenings, where other methods, like knife blocks, can be unsanitary.
Not everyone has enough wall space to mount one, but don’t let that stop you. In a small kitchen, you can try something new and mount the strip to the underside of your cabinets.
The strip adds more storage to your kitchen and keeps your knives both safely out of the way and within reach. Plus, you can easily identify which knife you’re looking for.
You can also use the magnetic strip with spice jars that have metal caps. Fill them with your most used spices, twist on the cap, and stick them right beneath your cabinets.
From paper towel holders to mixer attachments and almost everything in between, you can make excellent use of the space under your cabinets with these magnetic
storage devices.