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Gain Extra Bathroom Storage With
A Simple Tension Rod, Here's How
A simple tension rod can transform the often-overlooked gap between the toilet and the wall (or cabinet) into practical, easy-to-access storage, maximizing space in any bathroom.
For hanging items like spray bottles, a single rod suffices, but if you are looking to create a shelf for bins or stacks of items, installing two rods a few inches apart
is ideal.
To install, contract the rods until there is roughly an inch of space on each side when placed between the toilet and the wall. Then, expand them until they are firmly
in place.
Before adding items, gently test the rod's strength with a push or pull. Keep in mind that rods might not secure properly on toilets with rounded or angled tanks.
It is important to remember that tension rods have weight limits, typically ranging from 10 to over 30 pounds. Overloading them could cause items to fall, leading to more clutter.