Basil plant and leaves
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Garden Plants That You Want To Keep Far Away From Basil
A cucumber plant has thick vines and a thirsty, sprawling root system that fights basil for water. Its high water content makes it susceptible to take on basil's flavor.
The oils produced by basil can also inhibit the vigorous growth of cucumber plants. Planting them close may lead to the spread of downy mildew disease and reduced harvest.
Melons and squashes take up lots of space and compete for available water and nutrients in the soil. Larger cucurbit plants can also block the sunlight from nearby basils.
Consider a plant's spatial needs. Mostly, watermelon plants need 3-12 feet of space, cantaloupe and honeydew require 3–4 feet all around, and squashes need 2–4 feet of space.
Adequate drainage is a primary need for growing rosemary, while basil needs a consistently moist soil. It'll be impossible to provide them both with the growing conditions.
To grow the two plants together, grow them in pots. This way, you can water the basil more frequently than the rosemary and pay attention to the soil mixture for both plants.