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Genius Solutions To Hide Kitchen Appliances & Minimize Counter Clutter
Appliance Garage
An appliance garage has a door opening from the bottom up, which keeps appliances hidden when not in use. You can easily install it on an existing kitchen cubby.
The garage uses a cabinet lift mechanism, available at many home retailers — for example, you can buy one from Blum Cabinet for around $79.00 on Amazon.
Slide-out Drawer
Instead of stacking utensils in a deep slide-out drawer, use the space for small appliances like a toaster. Place them in the top drawer for easier access.
You can have drawers custom-made with an outlet inside, or choose a drawer near an existing outlet that's within reach. All you have to do is open the drawer and use the appliance.
If you have an open shelf or cubby that fits a couple of small appliances, you can add a curtain to cover them up. It's better if there's an outlet inside the space.
Mount the curtain rod to the cupboard for a more permanent solution, or use a small tension rod. You can use short-length curtains or trim regular curtains to size.
Rolling Cart
Use a rolling cart to store small appliances in the kitchen. Most rolling carts look cute, so you can place them anywhere without them being an eyesore.
You can also roll the cart into the pantry or some other room when you're hosting guests, easily keeping it out of view. The carts come in several designs and sizes.
Appliance Pantry
An appliance pantry is essentially a set of shelves for your appliances, which can be kept hidden by opting for a shelving unit with a door.
If a power outlet is nearby, you can use the current cupboard space, too. However, you may want to install a pull-out cabinet organizer so it's easier to get appliances in and out.