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Genius Storage Ideas You Can DIY With An IKEA Trones Cabinet
Entryway Storage
If your entryway doesn't have enough room for storing essentials like keys, wallets, and coats, you can mount a few IKEA Trones cabinets to the wall by the door.
Each unit has a flat reserve at the top, which acts as counter space for keys, wallets, and phones. You can also secure a piece of finished wood to the top for better aesthetics.
Bathroom Cabinets
If you lack closet space in the bathroom, a Trones can help store tall shampoo and conditioner bottles, curling irons or blow dryers, and makeup accessories.
Less than 8 inches deep, the unit fits in any tiny, hard-to-reach space like next to toilets or sinks or even behind the door. It also hides clutter with its hidden storage.
Pantry Space
If your kitchen space is small and quickly becomes a cluttered mess, mount two IKEA Trones units to the side of the counter for extra pantry storage that’s seamless.
Mount it higher on the wall to keep it out of reach from children or pets, and store chips, crackers, and other pantry items in it. Its plastic material is also easy to clean.