Close-up of a brown snail on the leaf
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Get A Handle On Garden Slugs And Snails With This Honey Hack
Snails and slugs can wreak havoc in your garden, munching on seedlings, flowers, and various fruits. Thankfully, honey can act as irresistible bait for a homemade trap.
To start your DIY snail and slug trap, combine some honey with a bit of yeast in a bowl. This mixture will then need to be boiled in water before it can be used.
Once your bait is ready, find an old plastic food container, a shallow metal can, or small jar deep enough so that the slugs and snails cannot escape the liquid and drown.
Bury the bottom of your container in your garden's soil, ensuring the opening is level with the ground. Then, fill your container halfway with your honey and yeast concoction.
The smell of the honey will draw the mollusks to the container, where they‘ll drown. Remember to refill the honey mixture and make sure other animals aren’t being affected.