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Get Creative With 12 Uses For An Old Sink Around Your Home & Garden
To create a mini pond for frogs, squirrels, and birds, bury your old sink in your yard, surround it with bricks and gravel, then fill it with aquatic plants, rocks, and moss.
Play Kitchen
Use your old sink to create a play kitchen as a safer option for kids to play with. Draw a stovetop to the side and add some old kitchen cabinets to complete the look.
Potting Area
Create a potting area that's easy to clean and provides a work surface and a place to wash your hands. Add a shelf below to store planters, trowels, and potting soil.
Use a sink that’s too damaged to hold water as a decorative planter. Simply cover the drain hole with mesh, fill it with dirt, and add flowers and decorations that you like.
Keep dirt and debris inside your mudroom by installing an old sink where you can wash off before leaving the room. Use a sink that’s still in good condition or refurbished.