Woman mopping tile floor in kitchen
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Get Porcelain Floors Sparkling Without Any Chemicals, Here's How
Porcelain floors blend elegance with durability. Their non-porous, glazed surface resists stains and dirt, making them easy
to maintain without
harsh chemicals.
Water, with its neutral pH, effectively cleans porcelain floors without damaging the surface. It lifts dust, dirt, and spills, leaving a naturally gleaming surface.
Regular mopping with water prevents dirt buildup in grout lines, preserving their appearance and inhibiting mildew growth. Water's gentle cleaning extends to both tiles and grout.
Sweep before mopping to remove debris and be sure to use a microfiber mop. Change the water frequently and avoid hot water to prevent setting stains and dulling shine.
After mopping, dry the floor and buff it with a soft microfiber cloth for added shine. For stubborn stains, consider mild soap, vinegar, or baking soda solutions.